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The kaleidr is a story told in 8 parts. It is the story of a fictional person's effort to remember something important over the course of one single imagined day.

Each part of the story is made up of a number of 1/1 works.

Part 1 consists of 32 1/1 works, each telling of the moment just after waking, in 32 different ways. Part 2, consisting of 24 1/1 works, goes further into the imagined morning.. telling in 24 different ways. And so on and so on.

You may like to read the title of Part 1 'By Morning I' and then go to the description, which seamlessly follows on from that title. You can then move to Part 2 and do the same, this will weave a tale using abstract and welcoming language and colourful visual thought.

The collaborative aspect of the kaleidr begins with its collectors. Purchasing a kaleidr 1/1 work between part 1 and part 7 means an opportunity to collaborate with another collector in order to create new art and expand the kaleidr story.

Once you have purchased a kaleidr memory from Part 1 to Part 7, you may use the haute discord channel or the haute Twitter community to find a collaborator (someone who has also purchased a memory between part 1 and 7) Once you have found each other and have decided you would like to collaborate, you each individually notify me through the haute discord channel or through twitter, each sharing your purchased memory number and intention to collaborate. I then create for each of you, another 1/1 work that interwines both of your purchased works as well as your words.

These collaborations throughout the kaleidr story seek to express the disruption of thought that often occurs when trying to remember something. 

The collaborations are artistic interventions in the story, their existence makes each collector a part of the story and thus, a part of the art itself.

There will also be two other forms of collaboration which will be limited in number and will be announced on the Twitter page and the Discord channel as the story continues.

Once all 1/1 works from Part 1 to Part 7 have been purchased and all collaborations have taken place, Part 8 will be released. Part 8 is a single 1/1 work that will be available for auction. Please note: It's buyer must have taken part in a previous collaboration in order to bring about the stories conclusion.

The conclusion will be decided by the person who purchases Part 8, either to choose that the fictional person in the kaleidr story remembers... or totally forgets. This decision will bring about a final 1/1 work which will be informed by the decision of Part 8's collector as well as all the previous interactions in the kaleidr experience. This 1/1 work will be gifted to Part 8's owner and the story will end. 

Please click here to read kaleidr's important information prior to making a purchase.


If you would like to listen to an explanation of the kaleidr then please click here.


What is the
haute kaleidr?

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