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a purchased memory from kaleidr part 1 to part 7 may only be used once for collaboration, after which it will be marked in red on the kaleidr list here 

this is very important to note for those purchasing on the secondary market with the intention to collaborate, please check that the memory you are purchasing has not already been used for a collaboration.

please note that when the collaborative art is complete it will be transferred to the wallet that holds the purchased memory that was used. 

this is very important to note if you are requesting collaboration while having put your purchased memory up for sale. it is my suggestion that if you wish to collaborate then do not list your purchased memory for sale whilst in the midst of making that request.

each collaboration participant must state their intention to collaborate separately, through the haute discord channel or through the haute twitter page. the finished collaboration can only be sent to the wallet that holds the purchased kaleidr memory that was used to initiate the collaboration.

You do not have to burn your purchased Kaleidr memory in order to gain your collaborative memory, they are both yours to keep.

Untitled_Artwork (3) 10 (1).jpg

In order to complete the story and receive their special 1/1 conclusion, the buyer of Part 8 must have taken part in a previous collaboration. Further information is available here.

Important Information

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